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There are many different ways to view the time. Digital clocks use digital shooting time and the first mechanical clock does not contain the dial and the time is calculated by calling. Other examples include an hour, water leak and candy flour. Other opportunities include creative watches from Urwerk, MB & F and Ressence.

In spite of this, most watches rely on button points to display timing information, while watchmakers display great creativity (or utility or other purposes) when the protector is designed. Style style is an essential part of a clock design. It is difficult to list more information. This article introduces the most common design of the cursor to a clock.

Sheets (Alpha)

The knife-shaped knife is a wide-cut knife as a whole and is connected to the center of the bike with a small handle. Example: Watch the Parmigiani Tonda Metrograph.


Needle needles are in the shape of arrows (triangles) and are usually used for sports or technical wrist watches. Example: Omega Seamaster Space Watch.

Bars or rods

Bar needles, also known as Barton Needles, are straight and long, with minimalist lines that are ideal for formal watches. Example: Piaget Altiplano watch.


Some types call this indicating the needle “Pomme” (French “Apple” because there is a hollow ring near the needle) but the name “Baoji Pin” is widely accepted. Breguet went from the indelible mark to the history of the television. To this end, many parts or designs have been mentioned, with the exception of Breguet, Baodi and Breguet branching. Baodi needles were designed at the end of the 18th century. Example: Watch Breguet Classique 7147.

Church Needle (Cathedral)

The church pin is a classic military clock arrangement, but is also widely used for clock of different types of needles clockwise and division. The coated form of the fluorescent material on the bendlin is reminiscent of stained glass and the “church” is probably inspired by this. Example: Wan Baolong 1858 Chronograph Tachymeter Chronograph Limited version of bronze.


Tai Chi is one of the classiest and most popular indicators. The neck and neck of the neck have triangular shape and are worked over the surface. The word “Dauphin” is “Dauphin”, who is also the prince of France. Example: Bao Qi Leima Lilong dynamic watch shop.

Fleur de Lys

This pointer has a sweet name, decorated with a lilac pattern. This symbol is common in the heraldry and has its presence on numerous European symbols, especially as a symbol of the French royal family. Example: Watch Czapek Quai des Bergues.

Spear Lance

Needle needles are similar to knife-like needles, but are usually thinner. Example: Schwarz Etienne Roma Power Storage Display

Willow Needle (Leaf or Feuille)

Pork, shaped like their names, are wide in the middle and narrow at both ends, like canons. This pointer is very suitable for classic low key design. Example: Henry Mushi Yong Wishman Eternal Calendar Watch.

Mercedes Benz (Mercedes)

“Mercedes” comes from a triangular star for an hour, just like the Mercedes Benz brand. Rolex never explained why the pointer was created, maybe linked to a car or maybe for other reasons. In any case, the Mercedes-Benz needle provides enough space to fix fluorescent material. At the same time, this design also helps to distinguish between an hour hand and a second hand under low conditions. Example: Rolex Explorer Type I watch.


“Plongeur” ​​means a French diver. Plongeur usually refers to scuba diving, especially on omega hands, and its handy hand is consistent with sharper and sharper sword-shaped swords. At the same time, the hand is often emphasized in orange. Example: Diving watch the Omega Seamaster Ploprof 1200m.


The elegant “injection” needle gets its name. The cursor consists of a body in the form of a barrel and needle point, such as a medical syringe. The perfect design fits the clock with an elegant touch. Example: Patek Philippe Ref.5320G eternal calendar watch.


The snowflake is unique to Tudor and the brand uses it to build certain scuba diving times. According to the report, the pointer was developed in accordance with the requirements of the French Navy, which requires that the indicator is identified in a scuba diving environment. Example: Tudor Kie Bing turning watch.


The spikes have a long needle body and the tip is similar to the top of the poker. The Athens watch watches above are equipped with peaks and similarities. Example: Aeronautics design in Athens.

Sword or gloss

Sword-shaped needle, as the name suggests, has a similar shape on the sheet. Many Cartier watches are equipped with such hands. Example: Cartier Cartier de Cartier

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