Composition of precise brands and fisheries

Which is about 71% of the marine areas on earth that we can say habitat and life of humans and various creatures closely related, that is because in all these areas are public companies will be treated as having her own duties and obligations, also watching the brand is not included. Advice about the relationship between the brand hour and the ocean is already a long time, especially at the time of the brand known for diving watches. This watch brand on the one hand, to ensure absolute security timing equipment for diving, deep-sea exploration and other employees, however, working with government and marine conservation agencies in all efforts to immerse in the sea measures to protect public interest.


The movie “DEEPSEACHALLENGE 3D” published by the National Geographic magazine recorded as an adventurer and filmmaker James Cameron caught the deepest adventure in the ocean. In order to meet the expedition, the introduction of new Rolex Deepsea diving watches, diving watches another general, Deepsea diving watcher withstands very high water pressure, water depth of 3,000 meters, which is a 44 mm Oyster case to tighten Ringlock’s patent not only beyond the strictest requirements of professional divers but also sets new standards for robustness, accuracy, efficiency and reliability. Proof of this is that it is equipped with a slope “D-blue”, which represents the deep sea is very beautiful.


Omega has a better hand in 2011, Planet Foundation and its founder Ya’an Arthus – Bertrand (Yann Arthus-Bertrand) documentary “Planet Ocean” becomes the largest natural mysteries earth to show the world the goal of encouraging people to protect natural environment. Today, both members of Indonesia have put two projects on the environment, entitled “Time for Earth.” Better Planet Foundation and Omega created two projects to restore and protect the Indonesian coast. Two three-year project titled “Protecting Earth from that moment” work with local environmentalists to support important natural heritage protection and local economic activity.


As for Blancpain, he must mention fifty of his watches. Blancpain “Hans Haas Blancpain Blancpain Fifty Grand Prix” was founded and this award has been through for decades. Older winner include American Deep Sea Explorer, famous director James Cameron, five Emmy winners, US Marine photographer Stan Waterman, marine scientists, chief scientist National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration west Elva Earle et al. In 2014, “Blancpain Fifty Embraces Once Upon His Haas Award” winner for Chinese “Dragon” manned submarines (“dragon” manned submarine is our own design, integrated self-developed man-made deep-sea submersible). After that, Blancpain has also become a strategic partner of “Rainbow Fish” from its own resources to help “Rainbow Fish 11,000” Fast Forward Deepwater manned submissive research project. In addition, Blancpain sponsored projects such as “The Original Marine Exploration” program and the National Geographic research expedition colaclanh.


Galapagos is 1000 km from the South American continent and one of the last natural paradise on earth. The Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) since 1964 to maintain the delicate ecosystem of the island, more than 50 years ago, in the Galapagos Islands, the Darwin Foundation was supporting the unique tourist islands, and visitors surrounding behavioral guidelines. On the same basis, attention is also paid to the fact that water was not challenged, and to prevent animals on the island were victims of foreign hunting dogs or predators. Hundreds of scientists and volunteers led scientific research on the protection of flora and fauna. The operation of the Darwin Foundation and the Charles Darwin Research Station relies principally on sponsorship of sponsors from all sectors from 2009, the IWC IWC began to provide substantial funds to protect the activities of the Fund in the field of the environment and the other in 2014 “Galapagos Chronograph Version Wristwatch, part of its sales revenue will also be funded by Darwin Research Station.

Bao Qilai

Devil Rays due to overfishing, is one of the serious threats to many marine mammals, charities from the UK, “Devil Rays Foundation” (Manta Trust) is the conservation and protection of endangered devil fish habitats, now more than 20 countries are implementing plans protection. The Swiss Utilization brand Bao Qila has for many years held a partnership with the Foundation “Ghost Fish Foundation” and fully supported program to protect the Fish Foundation devil. 2017, Bao Qi LAITE has launched a limited edition of 188-hour intently diving Devil Rays Foundation Limited (seeking ScubaTec Manta Trust), and donates part of sales to provide financial support for a new expedition.


Oris and sea origin social can be traced back to 2010, from 2010 to date, Oris up to eight non-profit marine environmental organizations to collaborate and launched the Limited Edition Memories watch these marine and environmental organizations use the profits of hourly sales as a fund for environmental funding. This year, Oris and France Shark Protection Agency Pelagios Kakunjá and International Remake Foundation Coral Coral Repair together to launch a limited edition of 2000, the Oris watch and Hammerhead Sharks same 2000 goals Acropora watch, participate in the protection of endangered sharks kladiváků and structure projects corals.

The sea is the source of life, not only we, but also necessary to experience life on the planet, but the protection of the marine environment is also very important, I believe that in the future there will be more types of viewers in the protection of the marine environment, community activities.

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